TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — The Cherokee Nation has launched a survey to get input from Cherokee citizens to help design and develop a new volunteerism and national service program called Gadugi Corps.

The Gadugi Corps survey asks Cherokee citizens about needs and gaps in their communities, such as in education, well-being, and disaster relief, as well as how citizens would be willing to assist their communities through volunteerism and national service. The end of the survey will also ask citizens what skill sets and efforts they can provide.

The survey can be found by signing into the Gadugi Portal at https://gadugiportal.cherokee.org/ and selecting "Applications" from the top blue navigation bar. From the Applications page, select "Gadugi Corps Survey" from the list of available programs.

“We hope citizens take the survey and tell us ways they can get involved in volunteer programs or areas they would like to see Cherokee Nation help improve upon. The Gadugi Corps is an opportunity to strengthen Cherokee Nation through volunteerism and national service, consistent with our cultural values and the example set by our ancestors: focusing on the community level, and building from the grassroots up,” Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said.

Chief Hoskin and Deputy Chief Bryan Warner established the Gadugi Corps Task Force on Volunteerism and National Service earlier this month, led by Deputy Executive Director of Education Services and former Councilman Shawn Crittenden.

“When Chief Hoskin and I travel and visit Cherokee citizens at-large the number one question we get asked is ‘how we can help,’” Deputy Chief Warner said. “Once this program is off the ground and an avenue for Cherokee citizens to get involved it will be a game changer and help do good in so many ways.”

The task force will develop volunteerism and national service opportunities for Cherokee citizens on the reservation and at large.

“Our task force is looking forward to reviewing this feedback and giving us insight for moving this program forward,” Crittenden said. “This is why we are asking all Cherokee citizens to participate by taking the Gadugi Corps Survey and giving their valuable feedback.”

The Gadugi Corps Task Force will evaluate existing volunteer and service programs, identify barriers, prioritize areas for improvement and get citizen input.

“Cherokee culture emphasizes unity and working together for the common good and the Gadugi Corps Task Force will exemplify this mission,” said Deputy Secretary of State Canaan Duncan. “The Task Force, in partnership with Cherokee citizens, can develop legislation that strengthens the Cherokee Nation for generations to come.”