PARK HILL, Okla. – Cherokee Nation’s John Ross Museum is now reopened to the public following a temporary five-month closure for renovations and repairs.

Work done to the museum to enhance the visitor experience includes high-level foundation repairs, above and below grade protection and watering systems, masonry repair and interior repairs of lighting upgrades, drywall, and a new basement door.

The John Ross Museum highlights the life and legacy of John Ross and houses exhibits and interactive displays on the Trail of Tears, Civil War, Cherokee Golden Age and Cherokee Nation’s passion for education. The museum is housed in an old, rural school building, known as School #51, and sits at the foot of Ross Cemetery, where John Ross and other notable Cherokee citizens are buried.

The museum is located at 22366 S. 530 Road in Park Hill and is open during normal operating hours Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For information on Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism, including museum operations, please call (877) 779-6977 or visit