“The Cherokee Nation strongly opposes House Bill 4118. This legislation could have negative impacts to the environment and water quality within the Cherokee Nation Reservation. Our commitment to preserving our land and water is unwavering, and this bill undermines our efforts to safeguard these precious resources for future generations. 

Our waters and environment have suffered due to pollution from the industry this bill seeks to defend and could exacerbate the degradation of natural resources that our communities depend upon. This bill not only threatens to weaken accountability and resource management practices, it also increases the potential of further water contamination, a critical issue both the tribe and state have worked diligently to address.

While we at the Cherokee Nation stand in support of our local farmers and producers, who are vital to our community and economy, I cannot support a bill that does not adequately protect environmental quality within the Cherokee Nation Reservation. Our commitment is to the well-being of our land, water, and people, and it is imperative that legislation reflects a balance between agricultural interests and the urgent need for environmental protection. House Bill 4118, as it stands, fails to strike this necessary balance and, therefore, we will work to oppose this bill in the Oklahoma Senate.”

Chuck Hoskin Jr.
Principal Chief


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