TULSA, Okla. – Cherokee Nation is rolling out an expansion and reorganization of its filmmaking ecosystem. Today, Cherokee Nation Businesses announced a new company name with four distinct branches and logos, as well as new social media accounts and website, aimed at better representing the tribe’s continued efforts in becoming a film and media production hub and creating important changes within the film and media industries.

The tribe’s collective efforts in filmmaking, storytelling and content creation are now Cherokee Film.

“Cherokee Nation has quickly become a leading hub for Indigenous storytellers in television and film,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. “As we increase infrastructure, explore incentives, connect resources and remove barriers, Cherokee Nation and its businesses are helping grow and amplify television and film production in Oklahoma while making it possible for our citizens to be a part of it.”

Cherokee Film’s portfolio includes four branches – Cherokee Film Productions, Cherokee Film Studios, Cherokee Film Commission and Cherokee Film Institute – and represents more than 30 full-time employees.

“Cherokee Nation and its businesses continue to stand at the forefront of industry and economic growth in Oklahoma,” said Chuck Garrett, CNB chief executive officer. “We are very proud of our ongoing leadership role in helping grow and evolve the film and television industry, and it’s time that our brand recognizes the entirety of those efforts.”

Under Cherokee Film Productions, the tribe will continue sharing its stories through the popular and award-winning television production OsiyoTV and will add a slate of new projects, creating new content that tells Cherokee stories and contributes to the tribe’s language revitalization efforts. Cherokee Film Studios will continue supporting the local, regional and Native film industries through innovative investments in infrastructure, expanding upon the tribe’s existing soundstage facility in Owasso, Oklahoma. The Cherokee Film Commission will continue offering its industry-leading initiatives supporting all types of content creators, such as its $1 million annual film rebate, cultural consulting services and Native American crew, talent and support services directories. Under Cherokee Film Institute, the tribe is investing in a long-term strategy to create educational and workforce opportunities aimed at removing the barrier for Native Americans to enter the industry and create a sustainable workforce in and around the Cherokee Nation reservation.

“The launch of Cherokee Film represents a new way forward, not just for the Cherokee people, but for all of Indian Country and for film and media as a whole. With a community-driven mindset, we have built a living, breathing ecosystem to create positive change through the practice of storytelling in the digital age,” said Jennifer Loren, senior director of Cherokee Film. “From our Native American talent and crew databases and film rebate program to our state-of-the-art soundstage, Cherokee Nation is quickly becoming a hub for film and media production while creating job opportunities and generating economic activity throughout northeastern Oklahoma. With Cherokee Film's new investments in film and media production and investments in educating our workforce, we hope to create lasting change that will help diversify the stories we see in mainstream media. Our team at Cherokee Film is passionate about creating a better and more inclusive life for the next seven generations.”

Cherokee Film is owned by Cherokee Nation Businesses, the economic engine of the largest Native American tribe in the U.S. The tribally owned holding company remains a driver of community development, economic impact and cultural preservation, as well as a staple in the hospitality industry and leader in federal contracting solutions.

To learn more about the tremendous growth and expansion of Cherokee Film, visit Cherokee.film and check out the new brand’s sizzle reel. Follow Cherokee Film on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.