Cultural Classes


To provide Cherokee Nation citizen artists an opportunity to teach, demonstrate or perform their Cherokee art. Classes are open to all, with a preference for Cherokee Nation citizens, to help ensure the Cherokee art forms and cultural practices continue for future generations.


1. Submit program application.
2. Submit an estimated supply list.
3. Set a proposed class schedule with preference of location.
4. Complete Cherokee Nation Businesses Vendor Form and W-9.


• No classes will begin until the instructor submits a program application form subject for approval. Instructor will be officially notified by the CNB staff.
• Instructors will be paid an hourly rate of $50. Maximum compensation paid to a Cherokee artist is not to exceed 100 hours per fiscal year.
• Local travel will be reimbursed at the GSA rate.
• Necessary air travel will be paid upfront by the program.
• Supplies will be procured through the program as reviewed and approved by the committee.
• Program will work with instructor to develop class/performance schedule and enrollment.
• All classes will be branded with the Artist Recovery Act insignia and will include language that the class has been made possible by the Cherokee Artist Recovery Act of 2022 on all promotional materials.


Program will work with the instructor to secure a class/performance location in and outside of the Cherokee Nation Reservation.


• Instructor participation is open to all Cherokee Nation citizen artists and performers, with preference given to Cherokee National Treasures.
• Student participation is open to all, with preference for Cherokee Nation citizens.
• Class participants must fill out an enrollment form. Students under 18 years of age can have a form filled out by the parent/legal guardian.
• Artists will be issued name tags for their classes with their name and the Artist Recovery Act insignia.


• Instructor must document their classes by providing the following:

  • Participant sign in sheet for each class meeting.
  • Photographs of course progression (print or digital).

• Instructor will have the option of being included in a cultural class catalogue for future classes and events.
• After the final course session, each participant will be asked to complete a survey.


Apply online today or download a form to submit via email or postal service.

Cherokee Nation Artist Recovery Act
3377 Cherokee Springs Road
Tahlequah, OK 74464


Please call 918.384.7730 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..