Three years and still rocking at The Joint

By Tim Landes
on October 23, 2013

It has been just over three years since we opened The Joint.

In that time, the stage has been a temporary home to many of music’s greatest living performers, including Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Reba, Duran Duran, Blake Shelton, ZZ Top, Willie Nelson and, most recently, John Fogerty. (There are many more.)


Working on a winning team

By Talia Myres
on October 21, 2013

When I was a kid, being part of a winning team was fun. I felt a sense of accomplishment when my name was called and I was handed a trophy. I couldn’t wait to get home and put it on my shelf so everyone could see it.

As an adult, that same sense of pride still exists, and I’m lucky enough to experience it on a yearly basis as part of Cherokee Nation Businesses’ winning communications team.


Cherokee Nation employee Bud Squirrel retires after 37 years of dedicated service

By Tyler Thomas
on October 1, 2013

After 37 years of dedicated service to his tribe, Bud Squirrel retired from his position as the Manager of Family Assistance Department with the Cherokee Nation.

Squirrel served during five different principal chief administrations while at the Cherokee Nation and is now trading in the 8-5 work day for the retired life. However, there will not be a large amount of relaxing if Squirrel has his say. With 10 grandchildren and an avid love of the outdoors, he hopes to always have something to occupy his time.


Welcome to Anadisgoi

By Tim Landes
on July 22, 2013

Welcome to Anadisgoi (a-na-dees-go)!

You’re currently visiting the official newsroom of the Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Nation Businesses and Cherokee Nation Entertainment. 

You might be asking yourself, “So what in the world is ‘Anadisgoi’?”