Welcome to Anadisgoi

By Tim Landes
on July 22, 2013

Welcome to Anadisgoi (a-na-dees-go)!

You’re currently visiting the official newsroom of the Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Nation Businesses and Cherokee Nation Entertainment. 

You might be asking yourself, “So what in the world is ‘Anadisgoi’?”


Anadisgoi is a Cherokee word used by many to simply describe “the news.” According to the Cherokee Nation education department, the proper translation is “what people are saying.” Oral traditions have always been an important part of the Cherokee Nation as a way to both inform and entertain, so we found it fitting to name our site Anadisgoi.

On average, our communications teams for the Cherokee Nation and CNB send out at least 30 news releases a month. Some of that news makes it in your local newspaper and/or on TV. In contrast, Anadisgoi allows us to share all of our stories with you. 

It also allows us to utilize our talents to share even more compelling stories about what our government and companies are doing, and personal stories about the people whose hard work makes us successful.

Of course, our job continues to be the bridge between the media world and the Cherokee Nation. We believe Anadisgoi helps strengthen that relationship by making all of our content even better and more accessible. Each story includes easily downloadable press materials, including, at times, more photo options than we’ve traditionally provided by sending out a news release. With just a couple of clicks, news media – and you, the casual observer— will be able to download information, photos and b-roll to use at your disposal.

You’ll find that we’ve broken down our sections by categories at the top of the page. The government tab is Cherokee Nation news. Culture is where you’ll find information about our cultural tourism program and the Cherokee Heritage Center. Business is the latest news for CNB’s diversified businesses. Entertainment is all things casino related and the musical acts coming to The Joint. Archive is a dated list of all content, which can also be accessed by doing a keyword search on any page. More includes our blogs, about us and media galleries from recent stories. 

This is just the first phase. We are already planning to roll out more exciting things in the coming months to make Anadisgoi an even better site for all things Cherokee Nation news. 

Whether you’re with the media or a citizen who is looking for the most up-to-date information, we are excited to give you Anadisgoi!