OCHELATA, Okla. – More than 150 Washington County Cherokees were on hand Oct. 3 to celebrate the opening of the Washington County Cherokee Association’s new community building.

The new building was constructed with community work grants awarded by Cherokee Nation Community & Cultural Outreach and community assistance funds from the Council of the Cherokee Nation.

“The Washington County Cherokee Association is a strong community organization that was willing not only to work hard to see this building to completion, but also to work hard to maintain it as a service to the whole community,” said Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. “I’m proud that this building will serve as a hub of Cherokee culture and community for the entire area.”

The community building was built just east of the Cherokee Nation’s Cooweescoowee Health Center in Ochelata, a community about 12 miles south of Bartlesville.

“The Washington County Cherokee Association has done a fantastic job of bringing together the people and the resources needed to take this from a vision to a completed project,” said District 12 Tribal Councilor Dora Patzkowski. “I look forward to the wonderful opportunities this community building will provide to Washington County Cherokee citizens in the coming years.”

The facility offers 5,000 square feet of space where the community association can host meetings, cultural events and other activities throughout the year.

“This community building wouldn’t have happened without the Cherokee Nation,” said Richard Stephens, president of the Washington County Cherokee Association. “We feel extremely privileged to have had all of the support we’ve received. We’ve received every resource we needed.”

Learn more about the Washington County Cherokee Association and future events at www.Facebook.com/WashingtonCountyCherokeeAssociation.

Community work grants provide funding to qualifying Cherokee community organizations planning projects that will benefit their communities. For a list of qualifications or for details on submitting an application, contact Brad Wagnon at 918-718-5522 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..