TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – Cherokee Nation’s Anadisgoi Magazine and the tribe’s ongoing efforts to perpetuate the Cherokee language through traditional and emerging media both received the highest honors awarded as part of this year’s Hermes Creative Awards international competition.

Cherokee Nation was recognized with 18 total awards as part of the competition, which is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. More than 6,500 entries from throughout the United States, Canada and dozens of other countries were judged in the annual competition. Government agencies, colleges and universities, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies all took part.

Cherokee Nation received five platinum awards, eight gold awards, and five honorable mentions.

“With more than 400,000 Cherokee citizens living around the world, it is more important than ever that we find unique and creative ways to keep them informed and engaged with their Cherokee Nation government,” said Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. “Using the power of words and visual storytelling through magazines, social media posts, graphic design and video production, we are able to keep Cherokee citizens informed and offer them new ways to get involved with their tribe as well as the culture and language that is so inherent to the Cherokee people. These creative awards not only reaffirm the importance of our outreach and communications efforts, but they remind us that the Cherokee people are leading the way among professionals from both the public and private sectors.”

Cherokee Nation received platinum awards for its winter/spring 2021 edition of Anadisgoi Magazine, which reported on the tribe’s historic efforts using medical science, facts and compassion to respond and recover from COVID-19. The latest edition of Anadisgoi Magazine, which highlights Cherokee Nation’s commitment to saving and perpetuating the Cherokee language, received three gold awards.

A second platinum award was presented for the tribe’s overall efforts to use traditional and emerging media to help perpetuate the Cherokee language during Chief Hoskin and Deputy Chief Bryan Warner’s first term in office, and three platinum awards were presented for Cherokee Nation’s use of various mediums to showcase the annual Remember the Removal Bike Ride journey both through video and creative design.

The platinum award is the highest award given in each category.

“I want to thank our Cherokee artists, writers and videographers who are amazing storytellers on behalf of the Cherokee Nation and our Cherokee communities,” Deputy Chief Warner said. “They are gifted Cherokees who use the talents the Creator gave them to help ensure Cherokee voices are included in important discussions around the world. Their work has always been a model for others and I am excited to see it recognized by industry peers on an international level.”

The writing, creative designs, video and social media campaigns judged and awarded during the contest were all created through the Cherokee Nation Communications department.

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals judges look for individuals and entities whose “talent exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.”

The following is a list of awards, by category, presented to Cherokee Nation:


• Team Body of Work: Perpetuating the Cherokee language

• Video creativity: “Never Forget: Remember the Removal Bike Ride”

• E-magazine: Anadisgoi Magazine COVID-19 edition

• Poster design: Remember the Removal Bike Ride 2021

• Marketing / branding poster: Remember the Removal Bike Ride 2021


• Video, Event: Remember the Removal Bike Ride 2021

• Video, Educational: Cherokee bowmaking with Noel Grayson

• Interactive capabilities: Anadisgoi Magazine Cherokee language edition

• Design, Publication Overall: Anadisgoi Magazine Cherokee language edition

• Magazine: Anadisgoi Magazine Cherokee language edition

• Social media campaign: Remember the Removal Bike Ride 2021

• Marketing / branding poster: Cherokee National Holiday 2021

• Podcast series: “Cherokee Voices, Cherokee Sounds”


Honorable Mentions:

• Documentary: “Cherokee Spoken Here”

• News release: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visits Cherokee Nation Reservation

• Social media campaign: Cherokee language social media campaign

• Design development and collaboration: Cherokee National Holiday 2021

• Interactive capabilities: Cherokee Nation 2022 wall calendar