Do you want to make a film, but you’re not sure how to fund it? COUSIN Collective can make that happen! COUSIN is a new film collective that is currently accepting submissions for film funding. The film grant creates new opportunities for innovative Native filmmakers and is open to filmmakers all over the world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, as the deadline to submit is approaching quickly on Feb. 29, 2020.

COUSIN Collective, created in 2018 by Sky Hopinka, Adam Khalil, Alexandra Lazarowich and Adam Piron, came together to help produce each other’s films. But, they also saw that there was a need for funding of experimental and hybrid films made by Indigenous artists. COUSIN provides support for Indigenous artists expanding traditional definitions and understandings of the moving image by experimenting with form and genre.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office supports initiatives that provide opportunities for Native filmmakers who may have a vision but aren’t sure where to start. COUSIN’s grant gives filmmakers that start by providing a platform to create film outside of the typical Hollywood movie structure, which allows them to be creative, inventive and original.

COUSIN is looking to grant funding for experimental shorts, hybrid works, micro features and work that leans to the provocative and channeled through a strong artistic voice.

“With COUSIN,” says co-founder Adam Piron, “our concern is more focused on pushing and experimenting with the medium itself and letting the artists figure out what kind of experience they want to deliver on their own terms…. At the end of the day, I think all of us at COUSIN have a vision that Indigenous filmmakers and artists can know that they can experiment with figuring out how they want to make their own films as Indigenous people and for whomever they may want and also that they can make their own box rather than trying to fit into someone else’s.”

Are you interested? Submit now on their website: