Hoskin, Warner name Glory Jordan to head transition team

June 19, 2019

Former Tribal Council Speaker to lead transition team for new administration


TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - Principal Chief-elect Chuck Hoskin Jr. today announced former Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Speaker Tina Glory Jordan to lead the transition team in preparation for his new administration.

“As I said over and over again on the campaign, this is a critical time for Cherokee Nation. We will be prepared for leadership the first day of the new administration,” Hoskin said. “We will hit the ground running to tackle the difficult things that will make our Nation better for future generations. Speaker Glory Jordan’s involvement will help guide us as we prepare for the challenges ahead.”

Glory Jordan was named as the first district court judge of the Cherokee Nation by the late Principal Chief Wilma Mankiller and was also a delegate to the 1999 Cherokee National Constitutional Convention. She served on the Tribal Council from 2007 to 2015. Glory Jordan was elected by her peers on the Tribal Council to serve as Speaker during her second term.

“I am honored to serve Chief-elect Hoskin in this important role,” Glory Jordan said. “The first 100 days of an administration are crucial to making the progress that Cherokee Nation needs and our people deserve. I am honored to help put together a team that will make the next Chief’s administration a success.”

“Former Speaker Glory Jordan knows the ins and outs of Cherokee Nation government better than most anyone,” said Deputy Chief-elect Warner. “Having her working with us as an important part of the team will help ensure this administration is prepared to achieve all that Cherokee citizens expect of us.”

The team will prepare the incoming administration to address a number of key issue areas, including but not limited to health care, environmental protection, economic development and preservation of language and culture.

“We don’t have time to wait,” Hoskin said. “Deputy Chief-elect Warner and I are so grateful that former Speaker Glory Jordan has agreed to help us get our team up and running well before inauguration day.”