Cherokee Nation donates $34,500, vehicle to Sequoyah County organizations, churches

August 10, 2018

MULDROW, OKLA. – Cherokee Nation leaders presented a total of $34,500 in donations Thursday to 10 Sequoyah County organizations and churches.

The tribe also gave Belfonte Baptist Church the keys to a Chevrolet Tahoe. The vehicle was donated to the church from Cherokee Nation Businesses surplus fleet.

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker was joined by Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden, Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr., Tribal Council Speaker Joe Byrd and Tribal Councilors Bryan Warner and E.O. Smith, as the leaders presented the checks and vehicle to representatives of the Sequoyah County organizations or churches.

“Each of these organizations and churches provide such an important service to Sequoyah County,” Chief Baker said. “Community organizations and local churches keep our Cherokee communities strong, so it is truly a blessing that the Cherokee Nation is in a position to not only support their missions in spirit, but also financially.”

Of the $34,500 in donations, $2,500 was made from Councilor Warner’s community assistance funds. The remaining $32,000 was made from Chief Baker’s charitable contributions budget.

“These organizations and churches hold a special place in my heart. They see needs in our communities and do not hesitate to take action to meet those needs,” Warner said. “I want to thank Chief Baker’s office for seeing their value to our county and supporting their missions with these donations.”

Councilor Smith said the donations made Thursday will be used to better the lives of Cherokees and non-Cherokees alike.

“While these organizations and churches mainly serve Cherokee Nation citizens, they are an asset to the entire community in which they are established,” Smith said. “They are instrumental in helping build strong communities and providing essential resources to members of their communities.”

Vian Peace Center received a $4,000 donation Thursday. The nonprofit provides food to families and people in need of assistance in the Vian and surrounding areas.

“The support and financial donation helps us to carry out the daily operations. Our mission could not go forward without this type of help,” said Vian Peace Center President Richard Tyler.

In fiscal year 2017, the tribe donated $735,000 to nonprofit organizations providing important services to communities.

“The Cherokee Nation prides itself on being a good community partner. We recognize the importance of these community organizations and churches, and their role in the communities which they serve,” Hoskin said. “We know that when we give to our Cherokee community organizations, like these in Sequoyah County, that our Cherokee Nation dollars will positively impact the lives of our citizens and our communities. We thank these organizations for their service and dedication to their communities.”

Organization or churches receiving donations include:

• Vian Peace Center - $4,000

• Evening Shade Community - $2,000

• Muldrow Cherokee Community Organization - $2,000

• Muldrow Chamber of Commerce - $500

• Belfonte/Nicut Community Organization - $6,000

• Belfonte Baptist Church - $500

• Fellowship Baptist Church - $500

• Marble City Food Pantry - $6,000

• Brushy Community Action Association - $7,000

• Marble City Community Organization - $6,000