Cherokee Nation Technologies supporting USGS through new $30M contract

December 16, 2015

TULSA, Okla. — Cherokee Nation Technologies is providing scientific and technical support to the United States Geological Survey in an effort to better understand the nation’s biological resources.

“The more we understand the species, habitats and ecosystems within our nation, the better we can support effective, collaborative decision-making,” said Greg Kilkenny, president of Federal Solutions for Cherokee Nation Businesses. “We are thankful for the opportunity to continue working with USGS and support such an imperative effort.”

The $30 million contract aids the USGS in developing and disseminating research-based information. Services include administrative and program management; research; data and information management; administration, operations and maintenance of computer systems; geospatial applications and modeling; web and database applications; and technical project management.

CNT is supporting the five-year contract with a staff of nearly 50 experienced professionals onsite at the Fort Collins Science Center in Colorado and at additional field locations in Colorado and Guam.

Projects and assignments differ between each location, but each feature an array of vital projects with significant impacts on the nation’s ecosystem.

For example, the CNT staff in Guam is working to better understand an invasive species called the Brown Tree Snake. The Brown Tree Snake was brought to the island by mistake in a shipment during World War II. The tropical environment and lack of natural predators created the perfect storm for the poisonous snake to overpopulate the island, with localized estimates of 20 or more snakes per acre of jungle.

“This species has had a crippling effect on the island’s ecosystem and has wiped out the vast majority of native birds and small prey,” said Owen Unangst, operating general manager for CNT. “The Guam project is just one example of how we are working with the USGS to provide valuable services and protect the natural balance of our nation.”

The contract expands on CNT’s existing work with USGS. Previously, the company was selected to support a $45 million IDIQ-contract providing support for science and research centers in the southeast region.

Cherokee Nation Technologies was formed in 2009 to serve government clients with innovative, leading-edge solutions that increase client effectiveness through the intelligent use of technology. CNT’s expertise includes scientific research and support, software and application services, unmanned aircraft and remote sensing technologies, information technology infrastructure, network services and business process services.The company is headquartered in Tulsa, with a regional office in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and client locations nationwide.