Remember the Removal Bike Ride cyclists to return Thursday

June 18, 2018

The 2018 Remember the Removal Bike Ride cyclists ride through Golconda, Illinois.The 2018 Remember the Removal Bike Ride cyclists ride through Golconda, Illinois.

Remember the Removal Bike Ride return ceremony

Thursday, June 21 at 11 a.m.

Cherokee National Peace Pavilion
177 S. Water Ave.
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Principal Chief Bill John Baker
Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden
Tribal Council Speaker Joe Byrd
Chief of Staff Chuck Hoskin
Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr.
Education Services Executive Director Ron Etheridge
CNB Executive Vice President Chuck Garrett
2018 Remember the Removal cyclists

TAHLEQUAH, OKLA. – The 2018 Remember the Removal Bike Ride cyclists will reunite with their friends and family on Thursday in Tahlequah after a three-week journey riding their bicycles to retrace the steps of their ancestors along the northern route of the Trail of Tears.

A return ceremony is being held at the tribe’s new Peace Pavilion to welcome the riders home, honor their accomplishments and award medals.

The riders started their journey at New Echota, Georgia, on June 3 and traveled roughly 60 miles per day across Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas, before ending their 1,000-mile journey in Tahlequah, the end point of the trail.

Throughout the ride, the cyclists visited various historic sites significant to the Trail of Tears, including the original Cherokee Nation capital at New Echota, Georgia, and Blythe Ferry, Tennessee, home of the Cherokee Removal Memorial Park, where riders located the names of their ancestors who walked the trail. Remember the Removal Bike Ride participants also visited Mantle Rock in Kentucky, which provided shelter for the Cherokees while they waited for safe passage over the Ohio River.

Each year, the tribe sponsors the Trail of Tears memorial ride to teach young Cherokees about their history and culture. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians also participants in the ride.