Cherokee Nation donates vehicle to Okay Volunteer Fire Department

July 5, 2017

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – The Cherokee Nation recently donated a vehicle to the Okay Volunteer Fire Department.

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker, Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden, Tribal Councilor Rex Jordan and Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. presented the keys of a 2009 Ford Edge to Okay Volunteer Fire Department representatives Charles McMahan and Cherokee Capps.

“The volunteer fire departments in our small towns and rural communities play such a pivotal role,” Jordan said. “These selfless and brave men and women volunteer their time in order to make sure an invaluable service is provided to their neighbors. I am so thankful the tribe supports these departments through funding and vehicle and equipment donations, because they are so deserving and important to Cherokees and non-Cherokees alike.”

The surplus vehicle was donated from the Cherokee Nation Businesses fleet.

“It is so rewarding for the Cherokee Nation when we are able to step up and support such great men and women, who place the safety and well-being of others ahead of their own,” Hoskin said. “I commend Tribal Councilor Jordan for securing this vehicle for the Okay Volunteer Fire Department and helping make sure their department is equipped to protect the Cherokees and non-Cherokees of the Okay community.”

Earlier this year, the Cherokee Nation showed its support of the volunteer fire departments in northeast Oklahoma with a $458,500 donation to 131 volunteer fire departments in the area. Each department received a $3,500 check to help with equipment, fuel or other items needed to protect lives and properties of families in rural northeastern Oklahoma.